R. Ric Bonsey

US citizen – US passport. Bi-lingual.

bonsey@bonsey.com 425-417-3100 – Bellevue, WA. 98006


Senior Systems Engineer with Sarbane Oxley 404 experience.

Support engineer with broad IT experienced in cutting edge technologies.  Experienced in change management, configuration management and database lifecycles from the software development phase to the production environment. Proven ability to identify, analyze and resolve critical technical problems in mission critical systems. 

-          Sarbane-Oxley 404 experience. ASIM & Database Controls

-          Design Effectiveness & Operating Effectiveness writer and tester.

-          Change Management, Configuration Management, Database.

-          Functional Analyst /Tester.





Fujitsu Consulting Services                                                           9/2004  to Present

Onsite Internal SOx Auditor Consultant

Boeing Airplane Company, Renton, Washington USA             

Sarbanes-Oxley 404 Operating Effectiveness Internal Auditor (Finance)

·          Perform SOX Design Effectiveness (DE) and Operating Effectiveness (OE) assessment writer.

·          Liaison with and work with Jefferson Wells in assisting in documentation and testing, review and assess documentation, and implement Risk Navigator software.

·          FSAM, IT OE Effectiveness Assessment, Risk Assessment, Tester.

·          Consult with customer provide analysis of business system processes.

·          Perform testing of processes, consult with outside auditor (Deloitte & Touche LLP) to certify compliance with SOX 404.

·          Creating audit plans to assess compliance of functional financial operations.

·          Reviewing or establishing policies, plans and procedures.

·          Primarily responsible for coordinating Sarbanes-Oxley Rule 404 documentation and testing throughout Boeing Commercial Airplane Corporation (Finance).

·          Assist with projects related to internal controls and provide guidance to department managers in assessing their internal controls.

·          Identifying errors, omissions, inconsistencies and potential abuses and reporting these findings to senior management.

·          Developing audit planning documents, test plans and programs; preparing and reviewing audit work papers to ensure compliance with auditing standards, and preparing reports to management & the audit committee. Narrative, FSAMs, Checklists, DE & OE identification.


Tata Consulting Services (TCS)                                                     2002 to 8/2004

Teamcenter Enterprise Onsite Consultant/ Functional Tester

-          As a Functional Tester. I was responsible for functional testing and regression testing of new coding changes. I provided black box testing of Java clients and X-windows gui applications while maintaining change reports (PR & CR). I wrote test plans, trouble tickets and worked closely with development teams to functional test GUI behavior.

-          Mercury XRunner. Provided test scripts for regression and automated functional testing.

-          DMR Methodologies – I worked with common customer methods to provide software quality assurance using Fujitsu (DMR)

-          Teamcenter Enterprise 3.1, e!vista, Xrunner 6.0, Oracle, Primavera.


Structural Dynamics Research Corporation                                            1994 to 2001

Onsite Product Support Specialist / System Engineer

-          Participated in a enterprise-wide re-engineering software integration project

-          I provided requirements gathering, product installation, security,  performance monitoring and tuning, system administration and database administration.

-          Established configuration management, disaster recovery processes and technical insertion guidelines for product collaboration tools like Metaphase ,product lifecycle management (PLM) monitored software builds, supported documentation management, secured database integrity, analyzed security certificates and policies, worked with java technologies, SNMP transaction tracking, database replication and configuration management.

Senior Support Engineer

-          I provided high quality technical support to global fortune 1000 companies.

-          I ran the west coast technical support line of business supporting OS environments, databases, system administration, software installation and troubleshooting.

-          I provided support for NT, Back office, Win 2000, Unix, Oracle and Metaphase products

-          Developed backup and recovery solutions and managed patches and incidence reports.

-          Over 10 years of experience in solving problems with SQL database administration .


Electronic Data Systems                                                                              1992 to 1994

System Engineer

-          I provided high level technical support to customers using Oracle and Ingress

-          My technical breadth included Oracle 6X problem support, NT and UNIX OS support.

-          I provided support to developers using C and C++ OOP on NT and Unix.

-          I supported database installation and tuning, technical problems in networking, hardware, operating system, change management, data repositories, vaulting, product lifecycle management, integration of software tools such as Information Manager, Oracle, Ingress, Unigraphics, and CAD viewers.


McDonnell Douglas Corporation                                                              1988 to 1992

Procurement Specialist

-          I was responsible for a 900K budget to research new technology and deploy it.

-          I negotiated contracts with vendors for hardware and software products.

-          I expedited purchasing process by improving software procurement processes.

Oracle DBA

-          Provided Oracle 6x support of artificial intelligence manufacturing projects.

Network Engineer

-          I designed, integrated and deployed heterogeneous LANs and communicated across cross-functional teams to evangelize good network practices.

System Administrator

-          Provided Unix, VMS, PC and Macs & LANs infrastructure to support.

-          Created user accounts, installed operating systems and configured hosts and clients.

Technical Librarian

-          I maintained the software development library for software .


Hughes Aircraft Company                                                                         1984 - 1988

Systems Administrator

-          Created user accounts, installed , deployed and supported over 150 CAD workstations.

-          I assembled and built microVax workstations.



California State University Long Beach.    Computer Science Electrical Engineering / Spanish

Southern Utah State College.                         Business Administration/Computer Science / Spanish


Computer Experience

·         15 Years       Technical system administration support

·         10 Years       Oracle DBA 8i, 7x & 6x product support

·         10 Years       System Delivery – software dev support

·         10 Years       Product Lifecycle Management (PLM)

·         10 Years       Configuration management (CM)

·         10 Years       XP, NT4, W2K, UNIX, Linux (HP, Solaris, Redhat)

·         4 Years          Visual C++, Java, Front Page, Café, Visual Page

·         4 Years          Web Design, e-business support

·         4 years          Functional Test, Usability Test and residual test.

·         4 Years          Document Management – MS Office, E-vis, Visview

·         2 Years          SQL server, Ingress, Informix DBA

·         2 Years          Capacity planning, failover, availability

·         2 Years          Telephones, AV, Data

·         Hardware    PC’s, HP, SUN, Sequent, Macintoshes, SGI, DEC, Apollo

·         MS tools       Excel, Word, Visio, Project, Outlook, Exchange


Technical Training

·         Methodology Delivery             Modeling & Methodology

·         Metaphase Customization     API Programming Class

·         Metaphase Mythology             System Delivery

·         Document Management          Metaphase DM training

·         Oracle System 7                         Database Administration

·         Oracle System 6                         Database Administration

·         HP View                                       User interface customization class

·         Sun Solaris                                  Operating systems training

·         Clearcase Fundamentals        Configuration Management

·         XRunner                                      Residual testing

·         Sarbane-Oxley (SOX)               DE & OE test plan writing.

·         Sarbane-Oxley (SOX)               DE & OE test plan execution.



·         Fluent in Spanish                     Read, write and converse

·         Video production                      Camera, editing, mixing.

·         Private Pilots License              

·         Photography                               Digital and analog. Nature and Sports

·         Sailing & boating                      Raced off shore catamarans (sea captains descendent)

·         Build computers                        I build workstation in my spare time